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Will Brexit affect building material prices?

With the seemingly never-ending Brexit saga now coming to an end… Many have been left unsure about how businesses will be affected by Britain leaving the European Union. This is something that has been a particular concern for those in

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Electric vans: to buy or not to buy?

If You’re In a Trade Don’t Get An Electric Van Until You Have Read This Post! Let’s be honest here, the idea of driving around in an electric van sounds about as sexy as grandma’s crochet club. But are we

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5 ‘potential customer’ red flags

We’ve all been there. You’re standing talking to a potential customer when that warning light in your head starts going off. I call it my bullsh%& omen detector, but other people call them red flags.  A red flag is when

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Dealing with customer complaints

Is there anything as frustrating as customer complaints? You’ve worked all day and done a good job, but there are always those who will find something to complain about. First of all, let’s be clear about the difference between a

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5 classic customer remarks

We’ve picked some blinders that we’re sure all trades have heard and be warned, some are quite annoying! We all love to pretend that we are totally unique, but anybody who works in the trades knows that clients and their

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What to do when your customer refuses to pay

When Builders Destroy What do you do when a customer refuses to pay for work done? Take them to court? A lengthy and costly process. Ask nicely and hope they pay? A reasonable yet most likely fruitless approach. How about

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