13 Truths every Tradesperson can relate to

13 Truths every Tradesperson can relate to


  1. How do so many people not know how to make a decent cup of tea?


  1. The order of importance. 1) Tools 2) Van 3) Family (the positions of 1 & 2 can change)



  1. The horrified look on a client’s face when you hand them an invoice for an amount that has already been agreed on. 


  1. Participating in site banter when you don’t entirely understand what’s going on

  1. The newbie gets the crap jobs. No discussion. 

  1. The words that go through your head when a client starts telling you about their financial problems. 

  1. When a client tells you they’re handy with the tools

  1. The excitement you still get when you need to destroy something really big 

  1. That one guy on the job who always needs to prove how strong he is

  1. There’s always that one idiot who takes it too far

  1. What you want to say when a client hasn’t settled two invoices in a row


  1. The Inter-trades rivalries.  

  1.  When somebody reminds you about taxes on the 31st January


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