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The Tradesman Dog Dilemma – Should you take your dog to work?

Tradesman Elite – Should you take your dog to work?

While scrolling through the Screw Fix forum recently (wild lockdown times I know)

we came across a wonderfully funny thread about whether those working in the trades ever take their dog to work. As you can probably imagine, it was filled with plenty of witty, smart arse comments, but also plenty of decent feedback. With that in mind, we thought we’d bring you our take on this hilarious suggestion.

Taking your dog to work is the kind of idea that sounds great in theory.

You imagine Lassie sitting patiently all day while you work, maybe she can even bring you your tools or nip out to the van to get your sandwiches at lunchtime. The reality is usually very different, involving muddy paws through the house, incessant barking and a nicely curled crap left upstairs for the homeowner to find several days later. At that point, you’ll either need to come clean that you brought your pet to work, or cover for the dog and take the blame for crapping on the new hardwood floorboards that were laid just last month – I’ll let you choose.

Some will suggest leaving the dog in the van or might even puff their chest out and claim that their dog is well-trained and would be fine on a building site. But the truth is, this sort of location is hardly ideal for an animal and do you really want to have to keep one eye on a roaming dog when you’ve got three million jobs that need to be completed in four days? Leaving the dog in the van might sound like a decent idea, but is it really better than just leaving it at home?  

Most people probably have a good idea of what kind of dog they have – although they might not actually admit it.

If you have a quiet and well-trained dog then, by all means, give it a go. If on the other hand, your dog is the kind of dog that people and other dogs avoid, you might want to give it a miss.

There are some jobs where it might be appropriate to bring a dog – shepherding for example – but the trades are not normally the right kind of place for a canine. Just as you wouldn’t bring your three-year-old to a rickety house renovation and allow them just to wander off and explore. In most cases bringing a dog to a building site or something similar is just going to be more hassle than it’s worth. Most of us have this idyllic image of us playing catch with Lassie on a beautifully sunny day when the reality is sometimes more like a Gremlin after a bath. 

Once in a while, if there’s an emergency, yeh why not, give it go. But that one time will probably be enough.  

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