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The essential guide to beating winter blues

Winter can put even the best of us on a downer, especially when you’re working in a cold house or on a building site day in day out… That shrill sound of the alarm clock feels particularly unpleasant in January

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Trade lingo: Have you heard these one-liners?

Trades Lingo – A collection of classic one-liners, have you heard them all?  We’ve all been there. You’re standing talking with somebody when they use a word or phrase that leaves you completely stumped, the brain frantically tries to make

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Ever walked off a job mid-way through?

The time a customer went nuts & we walked. I remember a few times I was close, real close to losing it. The question is; should we lose our rags and just walk out of a job? Or even going a step

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Never compete on price to win work

Question: are you sick of quoting jobs and then getting ghosted? A few years ago I went on a sales training course learning how to sell our services to customers. That course took my company to the next level. I’ll share

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